Sustainable Business in 2018

Materiality Matrix and Sustainability
Goals and Progress

In 2017, we reassessed our material issues, using input from nearly 600 individuals, including senior Kuehne + Nagel executives and employees from all parts of the business, customers and external stakeholders that are specialists in key sustainability areas. We also mapped regulatory risks and macro trends, and benchmarked against peer companies to help us establish a comprehensive sustainability issues landscape. We used this assessment to help prioritise our resources and investments in the context of the changing business environment and to inform about the scope of this Sustainability Report.

The material aspects being of highest priority to the business and to our stakeholders are highlighted in our Materiality Matrix as “very important”, and are covered more in depth within the detail of each of the five pillars of the Materiality Assessment and in this report. The material aspects were defined by internal management workshops.  GRI 102–47; GRI 103–1


The assessment confirmed that many of our material aspects are consistent with previous years but also that there is growing stakeholder interest in Data Privacy and Security as well as Customer Relations and Satisfaction.

In 2019, one of our priorities is to continue monitoring our sustainability issues, in order to earn the trust of our stakeholders worldwide through ongoing dialogue and engagement.

We will review our policies and practices and provide our employees with the tools they need to make ethical decisions. To inform and guide our ongoing approach to respecting human rights, we will further align with international frameworks such as the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and the UN Global Compact principles (UNGC). Through multi-stakeholder initiatives and public forums, we will work to promote innovation for the benefit of business and society.

2019 Objectives Completion Date
Conduct annual materiality assessment December 2019
Engage with multiple stakeholder groups to inform them of our sustainability programme, performance, and reporting December 2019
Kuehne + Nagel's white collar employees to complete the Code of Conduct annual certification December 2019
Promote environmental awareness by reducing our carbon footprint and promoting the zero plastic waste campaign December 2019
Reach our goal of “No harm” to people by continuing our journey of zero fatalities, disseminate the "Get Home Safe" programme, and prepare the organisation for the transition to ISO 45001:2018 December 2019