Making the Difference

Development  – “Go to Talent Market” Strategy

In December 2018, we introduced a new career platform with the aim to provide relevant information to job seekers on Kuehne + Nagel, our culture, our colleagues, career opportunities and much more. 

We worked with market leading partners and tested with many users across different geographical and cultural areas to develop candidate oriented features and user experience.


The company’s recruitment procedures are reviewed regularly to ensure that individuals are treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities. Job advertisements avoid sterotyping or using wording that may discourage groups with a particular characteristic from applying.

Kuehne + Nagel received 234,788 applications globally in 2018, increased by 16,4% when compared to the year before at 194,799. In total there were 21,583 new hires, compared to 2017 with 18,569 new hires.

The increase of received applications is associated with our continued efforts in promoting the status of Kuehne + Nagel as an excellent employer, which have been recognised in several countries worldwide; among others, we received the Top Employer Europe award. In Ireland, we were specifically acknowledged for being a great workplace for women.




Kuehne + Nagel Student Day 2018 in Vietnam, South Asia Pacific

Held in November 2018, the Student Day is one of our successes in building our brand name in the local market, and moreover it will help us to have more young talents from universities. Colleagues shared experiences at Kuehne + Nagel to students and inspired those seeking knowledge about Kuehne + Nagel and the logistics industry.

Employee Relations and Human Rights 

GRI 412–2; GRI 402

The new Kuehne + Nagel Code of Conduct covers more topics related to the rights of our employees, company property, company books and records and business continuity, all consistent with our values and policies. It demonstrates our commitment to human rights and fair working conditions and presents Kuehne + Nagel as a company of integrity whose members apply clear values and principles in their business activities. The Code of Conduct includes our position and policies for child labour, forced labour, human trafficking,  freedom of association, slavery and torture.

Kuehne + Nagel opposes violations or limitations of Human Rights and Dignity of any kind; including but not limited to, any form of discrimination, slavery and torture, human trafficking and child labour.

Our employees are free to join unions or other commmittees to represent their interests. Over 60% of all Kuehne + Nagel employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. The primary responsibility for managing local trade unions is at country and local level.  GRI 102–41