Making the Difference

Continuous Learning and Knowledge 

GRI 404–2

“Learning at KN” has become the go-to-place for learning and development, and provides effective learning methods that help our employees to develop and grow. Our employees’ skills, experience and commitment are the key to delivering on our business strategy. For our employees, learning and ongoing development has become more important than ever – given the rapid changes we see in our environment.

Kuehne + Nagel provides numerous opportunities for personal and professional development. We are constantly learning and sharing knowledge, and we encourage flexibility and mobility. Our Learning & Development approach significantly contributes to motivation and engagement – and ultimately job satisfaction and retention.

We continue to roll out development programmes and training to specific target groups in order to accelerate their growth in the organisation and put a specific focus on identifying skill requirements for the digital age. 

courses and webinars have been uploaded and made available

white collar workersenrolled in the system in 2018 and participated in more than 625,000 sessions

Within one year, more than 2,300 courses and webinars have been uploaded and made available. More than 22,800 white collar workers enrolled in the system in 2018 and participated in more than 625,000 sessions.  GRI 404–1

In 2018, the Kuehne + Nagel Human Resources department organised the first global KN Learning Days providing our employees with the opportunity to reflect on their development, improve their capacities and capabilities, and helping them to better understand the strategic direction and initiatives of our company. For three days, employees had access to short online sessions delivered globally, regionally or locally by approximately 40 different trainers / facilitators.

Some of the topics at the KN Learning Days were:

  • Learning at Kuehne + Nagel – learn how to learn!
  • Innovation + Technology at Kuehne + Nagel
  • Taking up the challenge of change
  • 6 steps for powerful feedback
  • Green Logistics
  • Ops to Sales


Passion + eagerness to learn shown by more than 6,000 employees who joined online sessions, live events and watched KN Learning Days videos. Collaboration and team work between colleagues around the globe and across the businesses who delivered more than 90 sessions in three days. As a result of the KN Learning Days, several learning events were organised in various locations throughout the year.



completed training sessions


(in 2017: 215,000)


(in 2017: 28,000)

registrations to webinars (7,771)
and cross knowledge online courses (3,058)


In 2018, 302,402 completed training sessions took place, from which over 230,000 were online training and nearly 72,000 live training programmes. These numbers have increased significantly from the year before (2017: 215,000 online training programmes, 28,000 live training programmes which shows investing in the education of Kuehne + Nagel employees continues to be important to the company.


International SOS Assistance App – Protect our Employees

Kuehne + Nagel has partnered with International SOS (ISOS) to provide employees with medical and security advice and assistance before, during and after business travel or assignments overseas. 

ISOS provides health and security solutions for multinational companies that have large numbers of employees globally. ISOS assistance centre services are for everyday assistance as well as any emergency assistance needs or support for travel preparation.

Kuehne + Nagelemployees can reach out to ISOS in case of an emergency in a country they are travelling to (i.e. they get information where the closest hospital is, etc.). If our employees travel to certain risk countries, they can get further information of what needs to be considered. Travel alerts and global risk ratings are available to the members. 

In 2018, Kuehne + Nagel reportedfive medical treatments (doctor / hospital) requested via ISOS/.