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Facility Management

New Technologies 

Implementing the LED roadmap is still the main initiative for our facilities including warehouses and offices.

The main focus is to upgrade the existing lighting systems in our facilities to reduce CO2 emissions. The energy reduced and cost-efficiency differs from site to site. Influencing factors are the local cost of energy, existing lighting system and use of lighting (i.e. number of hours per day, days per week).

Implementing the LED roadmap requires different approaches, depending on whether the facilities are owned or leased (majority). Sometimes assistance is given by the main real estate partners (landlords), but more often we take the initiative ourselves to implement LED by devising a specific roll-out process in each country.

Our target for 2018 was 2,000,000 sqm of LED. 25% of our total buildings and 29% of total warehouses have LED lighting installed which equals 2,173,000 sqm of LED that we have implemented worldwide in 2018, our target for 2019 is: 3,000,000 sqm.



million sqm


million sqm
2.0 million sqm)


million sqm

sqm of building surface provided with
PV Systems in 19 locations
 (7% of current total surface)

Photovoltaics (PV) Installations
During the implementation process of photovoltaic installations, Kuehne + Nagel carefully considers specific operational conditions such as the legal and regulatory framework, energy costs, subsidies, and hours of sunshine.

Today solar energy still comes at high installation cost, which in turn require long payback periods (20 years and more), for which Kuehne + Nagel uses a detailed “Thinking through Approach” to materialise as many projects as possible in a ratio of 15% increase yearly. Photovoltaic projects’ investments lead to binding periods for rental and service models on a similar scale; however, we have decided to continue with investing in more projects as we strive to continue to increase our percentage of renewable energy. 


Innovation centers

Our Innovation Centers focus on applying new technologies to lead the digital transformation and to boost our customers’ supply chains even more efficiently and effectively. The Singapore Innovation Centre is a joint development with the Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB), widening Kuehne + Nagel’s reach with the startup and tech communities in Singapore and Asia Pacific.

Together we innovate

An Innovation Centre is an innovation sandbox to test and rapidly roll out new applied physical technologies in the area of contract logistics. We are partnering with customers to accelerate the development and adoption on new technologies and advanced supply chain solutions. The European Innovation Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands, is focusing on major automation and innovating picking technologies while the Innovation Centre in Singapore conducts research activities and deploys new solutions on connected warehouses with a focus on data analytics and Internet of Things. Both Innovation Centres are open to customers who will get a vivid impression of how new technologies and solutions will impact their supply chains.


Advantages and Success of Innovation Centres

Implemented thus far to improve our services in warehouses:

  • Global Voice Technology
  • Global Mobile Computing
  • Simple Robotics Solutions
  • Drones
  • Pick by Vision
  • RFID Wrist band
  • AGV Technology

Collaborative approach with customers for large scale automations