• KN PharmaChain

    Cutting Through Complexity

With the integrated logistics concept KN PharmaChain, we offer specialised, certified and customised services for the demanding pharma & healthcare industry worldwide. Whether for transport or warehousing, with KN PharmaChain, the patient is at the heart of our efforts.

KN PharmaChain customers benefit from new global distribution centre in Slovenia. The state-of-the-art centre offers Kuehne + Nagel customers storage and distribution space for pharmaceutical production materials and finished products. The warehouse is GxP-certified, and both the standard and value-added services are performed by specially trained employees according to the highest industry standards. The distribution centre provides an area of approximately 38,000 sqm, with a capacity of about 65,000 pallet locations and three cold chambers to handle temperature-sensitive products at 15 to 25° C and 2 to 8° C: cutting-edge warehouse logistics for the entire spectrum of temperature-controlled products.

Investment in additional pharma trailers ensures supply of temperature-controlled shipments. The demand for pharmaceutical overland transports continues to be high. Therefore, Kuehne + Nagel is investing in the expansion of its own pharma trailer fleet, thus making it the largest in Europe. In the coming years, further mono, bi-temp, and double-deck trailers will be added to provide seamless service for active temperature-controlled FTL and LTL shipments throughout Europe.

Extension of overland pharma cross-dock enables faster transit times across Europe. The pharma platform in Luxembourg is an integral part of the KN PharmaChain overland network. With an extended coverage it now ensures Europewide distribution of pharmaceutical products in temperature-controlled conditions with competitive turnaround times and a GxP-certified infrastructure. The integration of telematics data allows real-time monitoring around the clock.

Environmentally friendly logistics hub in Chile offers growing South American pharma industry a new space. Since mid-2018, Kuehne + Nagel has been offering its pharma & healthcare customers in Santiago industry-compliant warehousing spaces, including various cold zones, a laboratory for quality control to analyse imported pharmaceutical products, as well as GxP-compliant repackaging and relabelling areas that meet Chilean and international specifications. To keep the temperature of the general warehouse area between 15 and 25° C, a geothermal system provides the logistics hub with environmentally friendly energy.