• Technology and Innovation

    The Ease of Doing Business

The needs of our customers are at the core of our business. In order to contribute to their success in a meaningful way, we want to make working with Kuehne + Nagel as easy as possible. Technological developments and innovations are core pillars of our strategy.

With myKN, our customers can find all online services they need to plan and manage shipments in one place. In myKN, Kuehne + Nagel customers can search for shipment information, request a quote, book and track shipments and manage them. Registered customers enjoy complete transparency because they have access to all details of the shipment, such as financial data or confidential documents. The dashboard can be customised to the requirements of the user. myKN was implemented at the end of 2018 and is the most integrated digital platform in the logistics industry.

KN ESP is the answer to complex supply chain requirements for mid-sized customers and key accounts. For international supply chain customers, supplier management is crucial. With the digital platform KN ESP, implemented in spring 2018, Kuehne + Nagel provides a modular architecture that enables customers to connect everyone participating in their supply chain – suppliers, their own customers, vendors, but also Kuehne + Nagel systems and experts. This platform ensures smooth communication regardless of the number of participants.

A strategic partnership with Zebraxx offers Kuehne + Nagel’s customers innovative and flexible track and trace services for last mile deliveries. The Zebraxx solution is designed specifically for small and medium-sized partners who do not have the necessary IT infrastructure. Customers can track their goods with their mobile phones, from the moment they are handed over in the warehouse until delivery. This is another element of the company's strategy to expand eTouch solutions for the benefit of the customer.

KN SwiftLog is the new-generation global warehouse management system. Digitalisation and e-commerce are changing the way in which logistics suppliers operate their warehouses and organise distribution. Kuehne + Nagel uses innovative software solutions to support customers in coping with major volume fluctuations. By using KN SwiftLog, launched in 2018, Kuehne + Nagel customers get access to a scalable platform with global reach, benefiting from optimised workflows and improved picking technology.