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Whether in the transport of perishable goods, the management of time-critical shipments, or the design of special supply chains for aerospace: in airfreight, just like in any other business area, customer requirements are at the centre stage of everything we do. With industry knowledge and an innovative spirit, we create solutions that meet the needs.

First modular logistics solution for the maintenance and refurbishment of aircraft interiors globally wins easyJet as a customer. When cabin interiors are being maintained, airlines need to be able to rely on short downtimes. With KN InteriorChain, Kuehne + Nagel has been offering an integrated supply chain for the interior logistics of aircraft since the beginning of 2018. Supplier order management, multimodal transportation and warehousing as well as value-added services are grouped together in a comprehensive package. Specialists for aerospace logistics use globally standardised processes and a dedicated materials management system to ensure that all parts arrive on time, check the assembly quality, and reduce downtimes to a minimum. easyJet has been working with Kuehne + Nagel for quite some time to facilitate the upgrading of its fleet. Aircraft are now refurbished and modified at five different locations; using KN InteriorChain will bring additional competitive advantages to the airline.

Acquisition of a market leader in time-critical shipments expands the portfolio and accelerates growth. With the acquisition of Quick International Courier, Kuehne + Nagel customers can now benefit from a larger scope of services and capabilities for time-critical shipments. The portfolio and the expertise of the US company enhance and expand the range of Kuehne + Nagel’s offerings in the high-growth sectors of aviation and pharma & healthcare. Quick has around 500 employees specialised in the areas of “next flight out” and “next drive out”. These shipments are usually urgent in nature and often global, complex and logistics intense with a high cost of failure. They must be executed using strictly defined protocols and control points from order to delivery.

Acquisition in Ecuador strengthens the export business for perishable goods to the USA, Europe and Asia. The demand for fresh fruit and flowers is growing worldwide. With the acquisition of the perishables business of Panatlantic Logistics SA in Ecuador, Kuehne + Nagel has connected another key production country to major markets. Integrated into the global KN FreshChain solution, the Group offers time-saving shipments by air, where compliance with the highest standards is required. A specially designed transport chain protects perishable goods from fluctuations in temperature or other damaging external influences, to conserve freshness and increase shelf life.