Status Report

Investments, Depreciation and Amortisation


In 2018, the Kuehne + Nagel Group invested a total of CHF 315 million (2017: CHF 225 million) in fixed assets. Investments in properties and buildings amounted to CHF 73 million (2017: CHF 48 million), of which the most substantial amount into a new large-scale pharma logistics facility in Moehlin, Switzerland and into the construction of a new office building in Bremen, Germany. CHF 242 million (2017: CHF 177 million) were invested in other fixed assets, operating and office equipment.

All capital expenditure in 2018 was financed through operational cash flow.

In 2018, the following major investments were made in properties and buildings:


Investments in fixed assets / depreciation
Location CHF million Centres
Moehlin, Switzerland 19Construction of a large-scale pharma logistics facility
Bremen, Germany 17Construction of a new office building
Dubai, UAE 6Extension of a logistics centre
Derrimut, Australia 4Extension of a logistics facility
Others 27  

The allocation of investments in other fixed assets, operating and office equipment by category is as follows:

CHF million 2018 2017
Operating equipment 78 74
Vehicles 27 13
Leasehold improvements 83 46
IT hardware 38 34
Office furniture and equipment 16 10
Total Group242 177

The allocation by region is as follows:

CHF million 2018 2017
EMEA 147 116
Americas 68 40
Asia-Pacific 27 21
Total Group242 177

The allocation by business unit is as follows:

CHF million 2018 2017
Seafreight 26 19
Airfreight 22 18
Overland 34 23
Contract Logistics 160 117
Total Group242 177

Depreciation and amortisation in 2018 amounted to CHF 222 million and was allocated in the income statement as indicated in notes 26 and 27 to the Consolidated Financial Statements.

The Group continued to operate an asset-light business model and invests only into strategically important locations with high demand for state of the art logistics space.